Fifteen Minutes on a Friday

Fifteen Minutes on a Friday for DIY Watercolors

Now that school is back is session, sessions of quiet have snuck back into my life. Stretches of time where there is a pervading stillness I have almost forgotten how to manage. No questions, no demands, no crashes, no accidents, just time. Time to sit at my desk again, time to string together a line of thoughts, time to quietly focus on making something or zoning out or simply just being a human again.

Last year, I took a watercolors class for a few weeks and found that I really enjoy the calm application of paint onto paper. I enjoy the way watercolours can go from a muted, translucent wash to a highly pigmented line based upon how much paint or water you utilize. I had only ever used cheap kid's craft watercolours, so when I was introduced to the "Real Thing", it was quite a revolution.

I learned that watercolor paints work best when dabbed onto a palette and allowed to dry out into little nubbins of paint. After dried, you can then use varying amounts of water to dip into the paint, blend colors and apply onto paper.

I also learned that paper makes a difference. My teacher told us to splurge on paper above all else because it simply will not "take" the paint if it is cheap and wobbly. I bought some nicer paper, but in a very small size to practice. This practicing turned into 5 minutes - 10 minutes - 15 minutes -- here and there -- in the moments of quiet. I didn't paint all summer long. Now that school is back into session, I took a few minutes on this Friday and rediscovered this small joy.

Know that I know I am just an amateur.
However, there is something pleasing about the stacking up of little art pieces.

Fifteen Minutes on a Friday Afternoon for Watercolors

Maybe it is just the reminder of all the quiet little moments of peace.
Each little painting is the physical representation of good music, good coffee, good paint and good quiet.

For those interested, I used THIS PAPER, THESE PAINTS and a cheap set of brushes.




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