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Glencoe and Clachaig Inn

I didn't particularly want to stop in Glencoe. I had my intentions set on getting as many days in the Highlands as we possibly could and as far as I knew, Glencoe was "too far south". Open spaces and sheep were on the top of my list. Alex mentioned that James Bond had filmed in Glencoe and that changed things not a whit. Then he mentioned that Harry Potter had filmed here as well, that made a small dent in my stubborn resistance.

Still, I wasn't fully convinced we should leave the towns circling Inverness to come back South through Glencoe. Alas, the Highland Folk Museum was closed when we wanted to go and a series of events followed that led us straight into the heart of Glencoe.

It is stunningly beautiful and ended up being our favorite 2 days of the trip. There is a large gorge that cuts through the "Three Sisters", which are easily hikeable for the able bodied. Glencoe's claim to fame, long before every movie and its sister ended up filiming here, w…

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