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Peony Flowers as Mulch

Flowers as Mulch?? YUP.  Peonies in fact -- one of my favorites.   (see ALL the Nest for All Seasons peony posts by clicking HERE if you are so inclined!)

The thing about peonies is that they will dip over and fall to the ground if there is a hint of wind or rain in your garden.  those blooms do NOT have to go to waste though.  Your first layer of defense is to pick those blooms and see if they will stand up straight in a vase for an arrangement.  Oftentimes, the night after a rain, those peonies will be just fine for flower arrangements.

However, if the blooms are too far gone to work well or a bouquet, they are still perfect for MULCH.
What?  Mulch?  I thought that was made out of like wood chips??  Right?!?!
Well, yes, but technically mulch is any organic material that will smother weeds and add organic material to your soil.   Flower petals can do both -- especially if they are in mass amounts as in the bombastic blooms of a peony.  Here is how it works:

Expect peonies to start b…

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