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Fall Acorn Bunting

Well, school has started today which means fall has officially begun!  (even though it is still 88 degrees :) One of my favorite fall activities is a walk under the oaks, collecting acorns like a squirrel prepping for winter.  Instead of eating these abundant nuts, I choose the fattest and cutest for fun acorn crafts!  Today I am going to show you how to make a very simple acorn and canvas bunting.  The sewing is minimal but gives the rustic bunting a nice hand crafted feel.
Supplies needed to make your own acorn crafts bunting:Canvas Squares (These little guys are $2.47 for a 4 pack)Acorns (If you can't collect any, Consumer Crafts sells really cute fake ones RIGHT HERE)Yarnin your choice of fall color(I liked burnt orange/yellow)Large Plastic Canvas NeedleHot Glue Gun INSTRUCTIONS:Step 1. Choose your acorns and hot glue them to the center of each square.  You will also be securing them with yarn, but the initial hot glue makes your life a lot easier!

Step 2. Start the bunting by …

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