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Daffodil Hill

They are everywhere.

 Tulips are 2 inches, daffies are 4.  Hiding in clumps, you don't see them at first, but they are there in multitudes.

The first in bloom medal goes to the yellow crocuses. Only yellow....the purple and whites are lazy apparently.

 Perennials are even starting to put on new growth, chief example the terribly named 'sedum'.

While some grow sedum for the blooms in fall, I am a firm fan of the sedums in spring.  When everything else is tall, lanky and colorful, sedum is fresh, bright green and offers structure.  It is invaluable to the early spring garden.

Four years ago, we moved into this house in October. We had no idea what would turn up in spring. While we had surprises here and there throughout the property, the greatest thrill was finding Daffodil Hill. It is a sharp hillside, frequented only by deer and covered with thorny wild rose canes and decades of trees putting down deep roots. In fact, surprisingly enough, the deer keep to this hillside al…

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