Down a Rabbithole ::: 50 Things

It started with this post from the Frustrated Gardener's most recent adventure.
He spoke of wild primroses and a quiet place.

Once hooked, I began researching said quiet place
I learned of rabbit tunnels and ferrets, old mines and a terrain tramper.

Then, the 50 things were mentioned.

50 things activities on the Godolphin estate:
Climb a big hill...
...and roll down it again
Make a trail with sticks
Go barefoot
Dam a stream
Create some wild art
Go stargazing
Catch a falling leaf
Try birdwatching
Find your way with a map and compass
Track a wild animal
Climb a tree

I! We can do all of that here!  What else is on the 50 Things list?

Turns out the National Trust (UK) encourages kids to get outdoors and accomplish these 50 things before they are 11 3/4. My oldest just turned 12 this weekend and I wanted to see how well we had done.

Turns out we are pretty close to 50....though I do fear we have never hosted a snail race.
Today, we are going to try to boil down some of our maple sap instead. Not on the list, but I think the National Trust would approve.

If you want the pdf pictured above, you can download it for free HERE

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