Take a PEEK - 3 chapters!

What is inside the book??  Well, I can't give it ALL away, but I can give you a good peek inside!  Here is the full table of contents listing ALL the fun projects and grow guides that you will find in Crafting With Nature and 3 FREE sample chapters at the end of the post.  ENJOY!

Section 1: Beginner Plants to Grow and Give

Amy Renea, Author of Crafting With NatureCHAPTER 1. Moss Histories and Fairy Mysteries
A. How to Grow and Transplant Moss
B. How to Collect and Maintain Moss Rocks
C. Create Your Own Fairy Gardens
CHAPTER 2. Rosemary for Remembrance
A. How to Grow and Care for Rosemary
B. How to Make Rosemary scented salt and Infused Olive Oil
C. DIY Rosemary Hair Rinses
D. Rosemary Soap Bars
CHAPTER 3. Edible Climbing Vines and Canes to Snack and Craft
A. How to Guide Edible Climbing Vines and Which Ones to Grow
B. Create Your Own Grapevine Trellises, Trees, Wreaths and Decor
C. DIY Jelly and Jam

Section 2: Gathered On a Woodland Walk

CHAPTER 4. Gathering Cones and Corns for Fall Crafting
A. How to Gather and Prepare Woodland Cones and Corns for Crafting
B. DIY Firestarter Cone Cupcakes
C. "Acorn Heads" Peg People, Fairy Sconces and Mini Mushrooms
D. Easy Woodland Scent Pots
CHAPTER 5. Gathering Twigs and Branches for Woodland Crafts
A. Do's and Don'ts for Woodland Gathering
B. How to Make Wooden Buttons
C. Loom Knit a slouch hat with Wooden Button Accents
D. The Basics of Wood Burning
E. Wood Burned ABC Magnets

Section 3: Gathered from Your Pantry

CHAPTER 6. From Your Pantry: Beet Tops
A. How to Grow Beets (and why you would WANT to!)
B. How to Make Natural Beet Dye
C. Rosemary, Cran and Beet Juice Frozen Wreaths for Christmas
D. Beet Juice and Coffee Filter Flowers
CHAPTER 7 From Your Pantry: GINGER
A. Ginger Fingers and HOW TO MAKE THEM GROW
B Ginger Hibiscus Bath Salts
D. Ginger Hibiscus BathSalts
E. Fragrant and Fresh Ginger Soap Bars
CHAPTER 8. From Your Pantry: Potatoes
A. How to Grow Pantry Potatoes
B. Fancy Fingerling Potatoes from Trimmings
C. Potato Stamping Crafts
D. Potato Candy
CHAPTER 9: From Your Pantry: Onions to Eat and Dye
A. 4 Types of Onions and Why You Want to Grow Them All
B. Onion Dyes and Other Natural Colorings
C. Quick Craft – Onion Dyed Muslin Bags

Section 4: Growing the Backyard Garden Mainstays

CHAPTER 10. The Cuddliest Plants: Lambsear & Sage
A. How to Propagate 1 Lambsear into 100's
B. DIY Lambsear Flowers: Roses, Tulips and More
C. Simple Lambsear & Sage Crafts
CHAPTER 11: The Grand Dame of the Veggie Plot; The Tomato
Which Tomato Should I Grow?
Native American and Amish Tomatoes
Growing Basics and Tips
Tomatoes for Kids, Crafts and Gifts
CHAPTER 12. The Most Classic Herb in Crafting; Lavender
A. How to Grow Lavender From Seed and Keep it Alive!
B. Create Lavender Wreaths in Several Stunning Shapes
C. DIY Lavender Solid Perfume Eggs
CHAPTER 13. Rugosas, Rosebuds, Rosehips and Rosecraft
A. Rugosa Rose Grow Guide – The Rose for Beginners
B. Rosehip and Rosebud Gift Tags and Toppers
C. Rosecraft
1. How to Make Simple Rosewater
2. DIY Rosewater Face Toner
3. How to Make a Healing Rose Oil Infusion and Salve
4. DIY Rosewater Face Toner
5. Crafting Rose Beads
6. Rosebead Necklace

Section 5: Gathered From the Grocery Aisles

A. How to Grow Citrus in a Pot
B. DIY Dried Citrus Ornaments, Garlands and Light Catchers
C. Lotion Bar DIY with Interchangeable Essential Oil Scents
CHAPTER 15. Coconut, Coffee and Other Tropicals
How to Grow Giftable Tropicals; Canna, Jade, Coffee and Coconut
B. How to Make DIY Coconut Oil
C. Coffee and Coconut Soap Bars
D. 3 variations on the Coconut Whip
1. Beach in a Jar Coconut Whip
2. Shea and Coconut Fall Whip
3. Lemongrass, Coconut and Aloe Healing Whip
E. Mango, Coconut and Beeswax Lotion Bars

Chapter 16 Sugar & Salt
A. How to Grow and Utilize Sugarcane
B. How to Harvest Sea Salt
C. How to Create Basic flavored Sugars and Salts
2. Cinnamon Sugar
3. Almond Sugar
4. The Salts
D. Use Sugar & Salt to Create Luxurious Bath & Body Products
2. Turbinado Almond Sugar Scrub
5. Almond Joy Coconut Creme Scrub
6. Luxurious Lavender Salt Scrub

Section 6: Grow a Hand-Crafted Christmas Celebration

CHAPTER 17. The Magnolia: From Sea to Shining Sea there is a Magnolia you can grow
A. How to Care for Established Magnolias and Cultivate New Babies
B. Crafting with Magnolias
C. Magnolia Seed Earring Drops
D. Creative Christmas Wrappings and Trappings
CHAPTER 18. Pines, Fir, Spruce and Other Needled Evergreens
A. How to Care for Needled Evergreens in the Winter
B. DIY Pine Candle Melts
C. Bleached Pinecones and Other Natural Findings
CHAPTER 19. A Celebration of the Garden: Handmade Gifts

A. How to Imprint Leaves onto Clay and Concrete
B. Acorn Charms
C. Claynuts Tutorial
D, DIY Plant Markers
E, Clay & Leather Bracelet
F, Cement, Concrete and Hypertufa
G, Geometric Hypertufa Planters
H. Lace & Nature Crowns