LIGHT up the NIGHT ::: Christmas Gingerbread House Nightlight

Are you getting together with your friends or family for a craft day this Christmas?  Gingerbread houses (that you EAT) are a common Christmas craft, but how about a cute Gingerbread hosue that lasts a wee bit longer??  This little craft can also be used as a real birdhouse come spring, so it is a double win!
TITLE IMAGE Gingerbread House by Amy Renea


Materials and How To Steps for Bird House Gingerbread

Step 1: Gather your supplies!

Step 2: Paint the grooves on the roof a separate color from your final roof color to give dimension. (See below)

Gingrebread Roof Step 1

Step 3: Paint detail work.  You can be a bit more sloppy since your main color will go on after the detailwork.
The main color slides under the icicles in this particular project, so doing them first makes sense!

Step 4: Paint and glitter the icicles.  I tried embossing powder for this project and the effect is a little more realistic than plain glitter.  I used decoupage in an uneven coat (to mimic natural snowdrifts), sprinkled on embossing powder, then used a heat tool to "bubble" it.

heat torching icicles

Step 5: Once the details are complete, paint on your main color and seal if the house will stay outdoors or if you want a glossy look.  I left it as is.

Chalky Finish Paint from Consumer Crafts

Step 6: Add decorations like buttons, a washi tape border and fun little evergreen trees!

Step 7: To make the house a little flickering nightlight, toss an led tea light inside!  
WARNING: The light is adorable, but tough to get in and out!  It does make the houses more charming and mysterious....especially for the kiddos :)
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Matilda said…
That's so cute. I have a little bird house on my Christmas list.
Amy Renea said…
Thank you matilda!!!



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