If I Only Had a Hundred...

Do you ever wonder what "things" you would keep if you could only keep a hundred?  Let's not count people, pets, even pictures, but simply the daily things that keep you "going" each day.  The things of life.  What are your top 100?  I can't read Assortment without that very idea filtering through my head.  While I am not planning on reducing the size of our home, I am looking more closely at my top 100. I am savoring the daily grind, the items I reach for and enjoy almost daily and appreciating the little bit of joy they each give me every day.  They are little blessings, under the guise of stuff.

Stuff is such a nasty word, don't you think?  We all talk about "stuff" as such an evil -- a thing to rid ourselves of, and yet...and yet we love stuff.  We spend an inoridinate amount of time shopping for stuff, thinking about stuff, enjoying stuff, USING stuff.  So who are we to call stuff evil when it -- stuff -- is the very toolkit of our lives.  Throw away the trash and the the clutter, yes, but don't throw out the stuff with the junk.  Stuff can make each day a bit more pleasant and gratefulness for it can quell a hoarding tendency.

Every day, typically many times a day, I hold the handles of these cups.  They are old and have scrape marks on the inside from countless spoons swirling creamer.  I found them already discarded from owner #1 at a yard sale.  I don't remember the price, but it was low and included a full 4 piece set of this blue stoneware from Target.  Sometimes dishware attaches itself to us, not because it is any better than any others, but because it is there and it serves us well.  These mugs are the perfect size, they nestle squarely in the hand and the blue is just right for mornings.  You probably can't buy them anymore, and you might not even like them, but perhaps you too have a "special" mug.  It might be ugly, it is certainly well used, and it is yours.  Enjoy the solidarity and solidity of the same old mug twisted in your fingers today.  Sometimes it takes years to find the right one.

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