Think ICE CREAM with no CALORIES! Ice Cream SPOON People!

OK, so I know you want ice cream right now, but today we are going to stick with the ultra low calorie ice cream SPOONS instead.  Are you with me?  Break out the craft felt, dust off your old sewing machine and buy a Cheapo pack of ice cream spoons.  It is time for a fun craft for kids and moms alike!

Portions of this post have been previously published on Crafts Unleashed.

This little project comes as a result of seeing all the spoon people designs floating around the Internet.  I wanted to make something similar, but smaller and more compact.  When I saw these little ice cream spoons on, I knew I had my medium.

You will need:

Rotary Cutting Tool or Scissors
Felt (I bought this assorted pack)
Ice Cream Spoons (They are only $1.47!)
Ribbon (Optional)
Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine

The first thing you will need to do is pick two pieces of felt for your rollup.  They can be the same color or different.  
Cut one piece by two thirds lengthwise with your rotary tool or scissors. The rotary tool comes with the blade safely tucked away (see below).

Press the button to pop the blade out to cut:

Optional:  Cut a piece of printed fabric or additional felt in an alternating color to fill the remaining portion of your rollup.  

You should end up with one full piece of felt, one strip of felt that is around 3 inches tall and an 
optional piece of printed fabric that is around 6 inches tall.  All fabrics should be the same length.

Now it is time to sew!  You are going to sew little compartments for the spoons, connecting your strip of felt 
to your main piece of felt.  I just line up my spoon leaving a little give on each side to measure.  

Make a simple stitch all the way around the exterior of the piece, 
connecting your decorative fabric and closing off the bottom of the little spoon "cubbies".

Once the rollup is complete, you get to make the little spoon people.  This is the fun part!  
Break out the markers and give each little spoon a personality.  I also like to leave some blank spoons 
so the kids can make their own.  At $1.47 a pack, we can make as many spoon people as they wish!

I attached a piece of ribbon as a finishing touch, along with two ribbons that will tie into a bow when the rollup is rolled up!

Here is how it is done:

Felt Rollup on Make A Gif
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

So go make some silly faces on some spoon people, why don't you??

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