Celebrate with Nikki ::: How to Embellish Water Bottles with Fabric

Give a BIG old Nest welcome to the lovely Nikki of Tikkido!  I have followed Nikki's blog for a long time and am ALWAYS impressed with her crafts and party decorations.  She is a MASTER of celebrations, ya'll!  We are lucky to have her here at the Nest to share a bit of her DIY genius with us, so grab a plastic water bottle, your leftover fabrics and get ready to be inspired by this quick, easy, beautiful craft idea!  Welcome Nikki!

There are really great printables out there for pretty much any theme. But I don't always use them. Sometimes, for example, I'm inspired by some gorgeous fabric. Rather than hire a designer to create custom printables to compliment my fabric (that can get pricey, and I do *not* have the talent for graphic design), I like to use the actual fabric in as many ways as possible.

One way I love to use up extra scraps of fabric is for wrapping water bottles. All you need is:

--Standard bottles of water
--white or light paper
--glue gun
--trim (optional)


Start by cutting strips of fabric. The bands on my grocery store water bottles were 1.5" tall, so I made my fabric strips just a smidge bigger.

Next, cut strips of white or very light paper the same width. Did you know that a standard piece of printer paper is the perfect length to wrap around a water bottle? So all you need to do is figure out how tall the strip needs to be and cut away. Glue the paper strip over the label on the water bottle. While this step isn't strictly necessary, it does act like primer, and blocks the water bottle text from showing through the fabric. Especially light fabrics.

Once the strip of paper has been glued on, it's time to add the fabric. Tip: you only need to use the glue at the back of the bottle. This prevents any unsightly lumps and discoloration from using the hot glue gun. Again, more of an issue with light fabrics than dark, but it's better safe than sorry. Add a trim if you like. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It depends on the party.

What's your favorite way to use up fabric scraps?

She's pretty fabulous, eh??  If you liked this post, you will LOVE Nikki's work over at Tikkido!  
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Julia Konya said…
Such a great idea! Never thought about making plain water bottles prettier!



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