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Hi friends! It's Aki again. Who doesn't know what to do with table scatter? It's pretty compelling to buy some because they're pretty and pretty cheap too. For a dollar, you get about 40 or so pieces of table scatter. But, what do you do with it? I find it kind of a waste of potential to just to use it as it is - as table scatter - so I thought of making them into some fall-inspired jewelry.  


So, how do we transform the shape, you say? Here's what you will need:

  • Leaf-shaped table scatter (found mine in the dollar section of Target)
  • Rotary tool (I used a Dremel 4000) with a sanding band
  • Drill with a 3/32" bit
  • Jewelry components - jump rings, chain, whatever you want to add etc.
  • Jewelry pliers


Get your rotary tool and start sanding off the bits you want to remove. Basically, we're just melting the plastic so I suggest you do this in an open space (although there aren't any fumes). Also, I find that the higher the speed the smoother the finish. 

Remove the white melted bits, but don't touch it right after sanding it down - it's hot.

I wanted to remove the pointy bits at the end of the leaves as well so I sanded that down too.

Now you want to add your holes to actually make them fit for jewelry making. Drill into the flat side of the table scatter than into the curved side.  Also, you might want to mark where you want your holes to be first before you drilling. Drill as close to the edge as possible without breaking the leaf or making it easily breakable. I used a 3/32" bit so it would be easier to put the jump rings in.

Once you're done all that, congratulations! You now have a bunch of beads to use for your jewelry-making. Now, what to do with them, you say? Well, I whipped up a couple of things:


Make a dangling pendant: Take a brass ring, then loop a strand of chain around it. Add your leaves (making sure to space them somewhat equally). Add some charms and some beads until you're satisfied with the look (or how it dangles) and thread it onto a necklace chain OR use it as a really chunky keychain!


You can also make a fall statement necklace by: Laying out your leaves then marking the areas where you need them to be connected. Drill the holes, add your jump ring and connect them. Finally connect them to a jewelry chain. And you are done!

There's actually so many possibilities with this. I made some into pretty hair clips for my sister and some as hairband embellishments. You can also make them into earrings, bracelet charms or a simple pendant. What would you guys make with this? That's it for me for today. Till next time, happy crafting!

 Aki -- You must be a genius!  Off to Target I go!!!!

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