BOAT WEEK Wrapup this week at Mommy Camp!

Welcome to Week #3 of "Mommy Camp".  The themes are simple, the crafts and activities are cheap and quick to put together and the idea is to give the smallest amount of structure to our days so we don't go insane and rip out each other's hair on rainy days or lounge around aimlessly outdoors on the nice ones.  

This week?  Boat Week.

Boat Week Ideas:

  • Break out the Jamestown Figurines and talk about the trip across the ocean in a......BOAT!
  • Act out various stories of Jamestown, pirates, sailors, fisherman
  • Create a handsewn fishing game like THIS ONE.
  • Need an easier option?  Paper Clips and Paper Fish work just as well!
  • Bust a giant cardboard box out of a dumpster, an old sheet out of the closet and build a lifesized boat!
  • Head to the library for boat books!  Busy Boats and The Kids Book of Fishing and Tackle Box are good!  (PSST -- That last book has a bunch of used copies for 1 cent with $3.99 shipping on amazon.  The link above takes you to Amazon if you want one of your own)
  • Check out the dollar store for boat/fishing coloring books, sketch prints like THIS and these fun velvet prints.  (I don't get the appeal either, but my boys LOVE those velvet prints!)
  • Gather up the dining room chairs, an old sheet and make a pretend boat.  Get the kids to write their own play about what happens to them in the boat.
  • Have musical instruments?  You would be surprised how quickly kids can write a song about BOATS!
  • Still need more ideas?  This little sailor birthday party has bunches including cute little orange boats (actually made of orange slices!)

* We do NOT do ALL of these activities and you shouldn't feel like you need to either!  pick and choose your favs!  I always link to trusted websites, so most supply links are to and  If you purchase from Amazon, I make a small percentage back on each sale.

Did you miss the first two weeks?

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