When the world changes and the landscape is broken…

I wrote this a few days ago in response to the "doomsday" predictions looming.   Since then, the tragedy unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary school.  I've been silent on the subject because I literally can't find the words.  I've been in shock and now grief for the families and victims and haven't quite been able to put words to my thoughts.  I still can't. ...but I remembered what I had written a few days before and while the "end of the world" hasn't come, surely this tragedy is worse.  Do I know where I am clinging?
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I was driving home one evening when something seemed wrong.  I almost tapped the brakes a little because something simply felt off. I didn’t see anything out of place – no deer jumping the double yellow – no weaving car ahead of me.  What was it?

Then I noticed that there was a mountain.  No literally, there was a mountain range behind the landscape that I know so well.  Day in and day out I drive this road and there is always open sky behind those fields and that cemetery and that old white church steeple.  That steeple is backlit by white or blue, not by a dark navy blackness that hovers like a mighty fortress.  WHAT was going on.  Am I dreaming?

I kept driving towards the mountain thinking that I must be seeing things.  …or maybe I just never noticed it?  I mean, it looked cloudy the way the blue ridge mountains do.  A haze of deep blue that stretches from left to ride and nestles up against the towns in the valley.  Is that where that mountain range is?  Is it possible I never noticed?

Then it clicked…

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They were clouds.  A weird cloud that was low to the ground and the deepest of blue, stretching as far as I could see from left to right with just the tiniest bit of break way off in the corner.  That was how I could tell, because otherwise, I truly thought mountains might have just appeared out of nowhere.

These days I could believe it.  I could believe that mountains could pop up and the whole Earth could change.  I keep hearing that the poles are going to shift and the world will be flooded in just a few days.  Well, I do know God won’t flood the whole Earth again (ala Noah), but perhaps the poles could shift?  I don’t know.  I don’t know that much about the sun and it’s solar flares and how the world might drastically change.  I know I have three bags of jasmine rice and 17 cans of chickpeas.  Will that get us through the poles shifting?  Who knows?

What I do know is that I wouldn’t be surprised if God upended things, but I won’t be surprised if the doomsday of the Mayans comes and goes without a second thought.  I know I will rest a teensy bit easier once the calendar clicks over to 2013, but why?  Superstition? Fear?

In any case, when the world changes, I know that the only thing that matters is clinging to those babies of mine and clinging to the God that made me.  That is the only thing that has any shred of hope for the future when the mountains start to move.
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Do you know where you are clinging?




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