Let's Wrap it UP! | Golden Gift Bags 3 Ways

Thursday, I gave you a quick little primer for making luminaries.  Today, we are chatting about what to do with all those paper bags once the party is over!  Some might be beat up and ruined, in which case you can toss them directly into the compost, but many of them will be perfectly fine and ready for some upcycling!  Good thing it is Christmas time!

The easiest way to utilize the bag is to simply use them as is!  The addition of a little wooden snowman with a baker's twine scarf is enough to bring some holiday cheer to a smaller gift.

Smaller gifts are doable too!
   Simply pile them into the bottom of the bag, fold a crisp fold 1/3 of the way down the bag and 
secure with a clothespin.  I added little wooden tags and bows to complete the look.

If you were wondering, the little wood tag above says "Woof"!  
This is why...

If you have a long, flat object that peeks out of the top of a normal sandwich bag, slide it into one bag 
and then slide the whole thing into a second bag. Add a ribbon or bow to finish!

Ran out of bags?  No problem! 

Plain white tissue paper is a nice foil to the shiny gold bags and wrapped with the same orange polka-dot ribbon, 
a nice set of coordinated gifts is born.  Now get wrapping!

Have a very. VERY Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May your days be blessed and your heart be joyful!
See you in 2013!