How to Make 3-2-1- Swedish Pancakes

Want an easy, quick breakfast that is heavy on eggs and milk, but light on flour?  
You might want to try Swedish pancakes!

3 eggs
2 cups of milk
1 cup of flour

That's it - 3-2-1 easy as pie Swedish pancakes! 

If you want to be fancy, you can add in  a few tablespoons of melted butter, a dash of salt and a teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract, but they aren't essential.  Just remember 3-2-1!

I like this receipe because:

A.  3-2-1 is easy to remember (CONTACT!)
B.  The recipe is heavy on eggs, so we can use up some of our chicken eggs.
C.  The eggs and milk make the pancakes a [tiny] bit healthier for the boys.
D.  They taste  best when served with Lingonberry jelly from IKEA, so if we are out that means we might have to just take a trip and get some!

The batter for these pancakes is REALLY runny (you are only using 1 cup of flour!), so use a griddle with edges.  I simply pour a small layer of batter and completely cover the surface of the griddle.  After the giant pancake just starts to set and wiggle a bit, I use a spatula and cut the pancakes into little rectangles.  Flip the  first pancake out of the griddle onto a plate and then you will have room to flip the rest.  Flip each pancake to cook the other side just like regular old pancakes and when they get the tiniest bit brown, you are good to go!   Eat quick!  They aren't good cold!


Jeanette said…
Yum! I have pancake fanatics in this house and this is so so easy. Thank you for sharing :)
Gray Shelton said…
I want to try this as my son does NOT eat enough protein but loves pancakes. I'm only worried he won't eat them fast enough for them to be warm. :)



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