What's Different About Your Kitchen?

This week I gave you a little backstage pass into my photography process and waxed poetic about the joys of pie plates.  If you hated those posts, you should probably stop reading.  If you loved those posts - read on!  Today I'm sharing what makes my kitchen ummmm....different.  When I say different I mean it in that way people sometimes say the word to imply that different is weird but they don't want to say so (you know, like what your Grannie said about your clothing choices when you were 13....).

So come inside my kitchen again today and check out what makes it ummmm....different.  Don't get too comfortable though - I want to see YOUR crazy kitchens too!

When you walk into our kitchen, the first thing that might draw your attention is the pile of eggs.  There is usually this little container by the sink holding the freshest eggs that have just been washed.  I use them for everyday cooking, and yes - they stay on the counter.  Fresh eggs do not have to be refrigerated if they are used fairly quickly.  Inside the fridge, I have a little ceramic egg holder for older eggs that I am saving for hard boiled eggs.  (They have to be old you know!)   If you come on a busy day in our home, you might also see a little collection of eggs on the counter that haven't been washed yet, straight from the chicken coop.  Don't eat those quite yet!  If you are visiting our kitchen for real, you will probably end up taking some of the eggs home, so prepare yourself!

What else might you see on the countertop?  You will most certainly see this awesome mortar and pestle from the municipal market of Valladolid, Mexico.  It is my favorite purchase (well, tied with the hammock) and currently it is filled with kosher salt - another fav in my kitchen.  Kosher salt is thicker cut than other table salt and it gives wonderful little crunchy bursts of saltiness on top of your food.  Try it - - You will never go back!  (Find kosher salt in the navy blue box, usually on the bottom shelf at the grocery store...I think it is Morton's brand and costs a little bit more than regular, but not by much).

Last week you learned ALL about my pie plates....

...but what I didn't share with you were these shallow, round bowls from Target.  I bought them to display little felt roses at the market, but that didn't last long because I stole them and brought them home.  I use them all the time, much like I use the pie plates.  The shallowness is perfect for cooking things evenly in the microwave and they are perfect serving dishes for piling in a bunch of rice or mashed potatoes.  Another similarity to the pie plates is the way these bowls fit in the dishwasher.  They easily fit in the larger plate rack sections and don't take up a lot of room like regular bowls - LOVE!

You might also notice that I have not one, but two breadboxes.  Breadboxes are not necessarily a normal thing in every kitchen, but they are fairly common.  TWO breadboxes however, is something I have never seen.  You see, as much as I want a kitchen that breathes and is clutter free, there are always little things - STUFF - that makes its way to the kitchen.  Vital STUFF - things we need - just UGLY stuff.  Medicines, plastic bags of stuff, batteries, matches, etc.  Some people fill a junk drawer with the stuff, but that drives me bananas.  Instead, I put the stuff in a breadbox, clearing it out every now and then so it is never super full.  You see, unlike a drawer, you can't jam pack a breadbox.  You won't be able to close the lid and that defeats the purpose of covering up the junk, now doesn't it?   The second breadbox?  Well, I found that one for cheap at the a thrift store (and it just so happened to MATCH), so it sits on top of the fridge and actually holds...you guessed it!....BREAD.

You might also notice two knife blocks in our kitchen.  I found a Paula Deen set for 10 bucks at Ollies and snapped it right up because I kept finding myself always short of knives.  I would be working on a meal and would have to clean off a knife in the middle of cooking because I had run out.  Two knife blocks allow me to steam full ahead chop chop chopping and wash all the knives at one time.  Saves time and didn't cost an arm and a leg, so I am a happy camper.  You might notice that these blocks are NOT a match.  I make it work because my cutting board has both wood tones woven into it and I place the knife blocks on different sides of the stove broken up by a white container for spoons and such.  Your eye doesn't immediately jump to the disparation between the two.  If I could find ANOTHER Paula Deen block...well I'd be all over that for a matching set, but for now - mismatched it is!

Now I could go on and on and on about why my kitchen is weird, like the artwork in the pantry and the library stool painted purple or even the dressers holding food styling schtuff, but your eyes might bleed, so let's move on to YOU!

What makes your kitchen different?  What do people think when they see weird stuff in your kitchen?


I love the mortar and pestle. I will have to keep an eye out for one and try the salt idea. I have very little counter space in my kitchen and try to keep everything off of it. But I do have about a 18inch corner next to the sink that seems to catch a lot of clutter. I have a bread box there to hide the stuff in as well. I keep pens, keys, and grocery list in there along with whatever else seems to land there.



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