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I have always wanted big, graphic house numbers, but have always been reduced to small curvy numbers from the hardware store due to price. Do you know those huge numbers can be $100 or more!! Crazy!! so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a graphic version of my house number. I spent a few dollars on cabinet doors left over from a kitchen remodel, a huge roll of yarn from an Amish thrift store and a bag of nails.  My pinterest inspiration is HERE!
I love this pry bar for hammering the nails!

A few hours of TV watching while hammering, hammering, hammering and stringing, stringing, stringing, and I ended up with three large scale house numbers in black and white!! The method is very simple, but a bit time consuming. I usually just jump into projects head first, but I knew I needed to be a bit more intentional with placement of the nails for the project to look right. So, before nailing, I made my outlines on the cabinets using a straight line. I then marked out dots at even intervals, but diagonal from side to side so that the thread would string diagonally instead of straight. See the dots?

From there on out, you don't have to think too much. Simply hammer the nails into the door wherever the dot is and then string your yarn or thread around and around and around the nails creating fun designs and patterns.

If you are interested in more the next section.  If not - skip to the end for the finished product!

 1. First things first, tie off a knot on a corner nail.

2. Run horizontal lines along the edges to create a strong core outline of your number or letter.

3.  Start weaving, keeping the string taut and trying not to repeat the same line too frequently.  Mix it up! 

4.  Once it starts looking like this you are getting close, but you aren't finished yet...keep weaving!

I also made sure to weave threads horizontally and vertically along the borders of the numbers to give them definition at the bottom of the nail and again at the tops of the nails toward the end of the project.


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I love how yours turned out! I made a set for the last Pinterest challenge. :)
Great minds must think alike!! Checking yours out now! :)
Katie said…
Wow! That's one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile. Great job!



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