How to Build Tents for your Kids

So yesterday I showed you a few detail shots of the tents we built for our little guys.  Here is the full view.

The photo that immediately sparked inspiration for me was in THIS PIN!  Surprisingly, I simply asked my husband to make frames that would fit over the mattresses and he came up with a similar design without even seeing the photo.  Great minds must think alike :)

If you look to the left of the photo, you'll see another little addition to the room.  See that big green chalkboard over there?  It started life as the bottom piece for a crib...IKEA dumped it in the as is section...I jumped at a strong board with pre-drilled holes and linear dividers.  After a coat of chalkboard spray paint (Ollies - 99cents), and a few hooks and knobs I had waiting to be used for something, the kiddos now have a designated spot for backpacks, lunchboxes and hats.  (none of which are hung up at the moment...we'll see how well this works...)  I still have some finishing touches for this baby...

yes, that is my hot glue gun left out during the photos...I'm no better than the kiddos at picking up...

Here is a view of the other tent.  They were made from thrift store shirts all cut up and patchworked together.  
The tents are not matching, but all have bits of similar material to coordinate.

Would you like to feel like a kid?
This is what the view is like from, huh?

So, you are kind of wondering whether those are trees or mountains on the wall, right?
Yeah, me too.
Hubby three.
Kids four.  
I asked them if they liked the trees and they asked where the stumps were.

At the moment, I'm kind of liking the happy medium of neither mountain no tree, but kind of both. 
What's your opinion??  Add stumps?  yes, no?

In THIS POST I also told you about the joy of trying to handstain/paint these frames whilst chasing a 1 year old around the yard.  I don't recommend it.  Next time a playpen will be set up before the painting begins.  The reason for a reddish wood is to complement the existing furniture we already had from Alex's Pop.

Here's to happy little boys sleeping under the stars, nestled under a cover of pine trees ( mountains? )...
Night night...

night night...


The Jammie Girl said…
That looks like "kid heaven" to me. Well done!
jandjhome said…
What a blast. I wish I had these when I was a kid. Brilliant.
Thanks for the comment! Those tents look so fun! I'll have to do that for my son :) Great idea!
Katie said…
I'd have killed to have a tent for a bed as a kid. So incredibly fun!!
Seriously... my kids loved building tents when they were little. Such a great idea. Nice job!
Tamsyn said…
Gorgeous!! I don't know many kids that wouldn't love sleeping in a 'tent' each night!
Very, very cool! I bet your kids are loving them.
Mimi's Moments said…
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Mimi's Moments said…
Awesome your kids will love it.. don't you love creating memories.

*you have a typo on the thift store shirts
...and wondering HOW many people read that typo without noticing...or how many noticed it?!?! AHH! THANKS Mimi!
liz said…
The tents are awesome! The room is just adorable! I kinda want to come spend the night - but that would be weird... so I won't.

Great job!
Wow, the tents look amazing!!! Thank you so much for linking up! I have to make one of those for my daughter...she'd love it!
Hespyhesp said…
Those are amazing! So, so cute!



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