Baby gets an update...

So I showed you the BIG BOY'S ROOM, and now that it is complete that means baby H gets an updated space too! This is the third time I've recreated a version of this baby room, a) because we keep moving and b) I'm still kind of in love with the print from DwellStudio. The first 2 nurseries were created in Nebraska...this one with an elephant on the floor lasted about 2 months before we moved and then T grew up in the second one on 35th st. I guess you could say a very slight version of the room was created in the townhouse for a couple months (meaning the curtains were hung and that's about it...), but now it was time to grab the paintbrush and some leftover wall paint and get cracking.

I consider this room a design on a severe budget because I literally did not spend a dime on it this time around. Of course, I already had the furniture, leftover paint (from previous homeowners that happened to match the print actually), the sheets and printed material, etc, etc. All I really did was come up with a way to tie the room together with the items I had using artwork on the walls and a few things from here and there around the house. Oh and I did pay for that burlap corkboard...maybe 45 cents?

Do you see those 3 little curtains there?  That is the print from target's Dwellstudio that I am so in love with.  I love the stark outline of the animals against the white and the little white eyes :)  I bought all of the Dwell items on 75% clearance, so these curtains started out as one single regular sized curtain panel instead of a pair.  They only had one, so I cut it up to make a valence and cafe curtains.  Easy, easy sewing and could be completed with iron on hem tape if you do not sew.

The next step to creating a unique space for bebe was painting out a few animals based loosely on the print.  Yes, that sheep started out as a cloud.  Well, actually the cloud started out as another turtle, but he had a weird shaped head, so I gave him some more curves to create a cloud, which then looked like a sheep, so I gave the sheep a pointed nose and a couple me.  My test is whether or not my 5 year old and 3 year old can guess what animals are on the wall.  They did so without hesitation, so sheep it is!

Oh, and then there is the WHALE.  The first time I have painted a whale and I'm kind of in love with him.

There is the little corkboard I mentioned, with some blue tacks I had from an earlier Target "clearancing" spree (they were 75% off).  I also replaced the copper tacks I had on the BABY FOOT ARTWORK with the little blue tacks.  The dresser also got a coat of baby blue just on the top to tie into the animals on the wall and to cover up the wear and tear from big brothers.  The dresser originally cost me $10 off craigslist and I added the paint for an earlier room design.  The darker paint happened to work well with the print, so I left it two toned and saved myself some work.

Ok, funny story.  Look closely at that turtle.  I placed him specifically to cover up a little bit of graffiti.

I feel like the graffiti took on a life of its own and refuses to be forgotten.  So I left it.   
I like the memory...even if it is a memory of my child drawing on the wall...

A few last minute touches...a toolbox with blocks, and a lamp finish off the dresser. that these little boy rooms are complete, it is on to mommy and daddy's room...any ideas?

...and yes, you did see a baby sleeping in those earlier pictures. 
...and yes, it seems like most of my photos of baby rooms include a sleeping baby.
...and yes, that is because no work gets done unless the baby is sleeping, hence the photos at naptime.
You understand.


meg said…
i LOVE this room, amy!!! adorable! i'm in love with dwell studio for target as well... it's amazing. aaaaand i totally recognize your diapers; bella's bum is always polka dotted too! we love target! :)
What a cute room and very cute sleeping baby. I love the graffiti.I am sure some will be on my walls soon enough ;D
Chloe said…
Thank you for visiting my blog! This room is AMAZING! It looks so great. :)
Absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing it at Inspiration Friday this week!
Laura said…
I am in awe. Honestly, this looks amazing.
Krista said…
thank you so very much for leaving the graffiti! I have a friend who was so upset their child carved his name onto a cupboard, I suggested she leave it there, but she did not like that idea, so bravo for keeping that memory!!



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