Start planning for Your Spring Bouquets NOW!

Are you getting married in spring?  You are a lucky girl!   

Why?  Because you can start planning and save a bundle on your floral bills.  
Daffodils, Tulips, and other early bloomers are gorgeous as bouquets and are one of the easiest flowers to grow.  
Just make sure you plan ahead and get them in the ground this fall to be ready by next spring! 
The catalogs have started rolling out and NOW is the time to look through and pick out your favorites.
They DO sell out of the good ones earlier than you would think!

I love the hybrid daffodils, clumped together with little touches of pink and peach as an alternative to bright yellow.
Although who could deny the gorgeousity of seeing a cluster of sunshine in early spring?

This bouquet mixes typical yellow daffodils, with typical lovely yellow tulips, 
but distinguishes itself with a few ruffly daffodils in lightest yellow.  
Doesn't it make you want to frolic around in a field somewhere?

If you want to go a little brighter, you could use tiny daffodils with little orange centers.  
Orange tulips are the perfect highlight.

If you are worried about having enough flowers, simply over plant and plant in succession.  
Buy various varieties and plant clusters each week during the fall and you will be guaranteed blooms next spring!  
If you do not get the exact combinations you are looking for, you can always give each bridesmaid a beautiful, coordinated (but non-matching) bouquet.  

Aren't these gorgeous?

...and if you aren't tying the knot, you can go ahead and make spring bouquets for your home...just for the beauty of lived deliciously, right?


meg said…
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! i *love* having fresh flowers around the house!!! thanks for the inspiration :)
These are gorgeous. Who needs a wedding to enjoy beautiful flowers? I get fresh flowers for our house most every week. I love them. They are so beautiful :D
Becky Jane said…
So beautiful! Good idea to plant spring flowers to be ready for a spring wedding! Happy 4th!
Grace said…
what a lovely idea and I think it would mean more to have a bouquet from your garden.



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