Growing today...and who would like some free seeds?

We've been in our house almost a year now. A few more weeks will be the anniversary of our move-in date, so my discoveries in the garden are coming to an end. It has been so much fun to watch new things bloom that I didn't know existed...hello weigela! Anyway, after this week, it will be normal garden surprises and I will know basically what will be coming and going through the seasons, but the garden gave me one last thrill this week when this butterfly bush sprung into full bloom.

Pennsylvania Perennial Garden

There are 3 huge beautiful dark purple varieties that are mature and spectacular.
...but then there are also a few little varieties that have just a few blooms in a brighter, more in your face purple.
Pennsylvania Perennial Garden

These bushes a blousy and untidy, but absolutely stunning in full bloom. Catmint at their feet covers up bare legs, gives a little structure, but also compliments the loose nature of the buddeleia. I planted a river of sedum on the other side to give even more separation and definition.

Pennsylvania Perennial Garden
Pennsylvania Perennial Garden
Pennsylvania Perennial Garden

Now for the fun part...I have lots and lots of seed from this beautiful bush. You need a little space to grow one (each is about 6-9 foot tall and 4-6 foot wide) and be willing to let it grow a little crazy. It will look horrible if you shear it with hedge cutters. This plant has also shown a slight tendency to be invasive along the coasts. If you would like to try giving buddleia a try, just email me your address and I'll send you some seed!!


I've already got one but that is very kind of you to offer your seeds! I know what you mean about it getting untidy looking, I've planted mine against a huge, huge rose bush and it looks great there.
Miss Kitty said…
It was fun when we moved into our home six years ago to see what would "pop up" in the yard/garden from the previous owners. A canna plant that had never shown itself before came up after we had been here about 3 years. Your photography is so gorgeous it makes me want to ask for seeds but I know I don't have enough room...thanks for offering.



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