Transplanting and Propagating Bleeding Heart | Dicentra

This Valentine's Day, you might be searching for the perfect gift for your sweetheart.  While candies and flowers and cards are always nice and appreciated, nothing beats a real plant in my book.   I love when a gift is not disposable.  I love when you can transfer the gift into the garden and it lives on and on and on, reminding you of that person for years to come.   And with valentine's Day quickly approaching, what better gift than a bleeding heart.  Think of all the awesome names you could come up with for that one ;)

Bleeding Heart is one of those plants.  One of those plants that you can beat up, JUST LIKE HOSTA.  No kidding.  Rip off a stem, enjoy it in a vase for a few days, shove it in the ground, and NO JOKE, you'll have a plant in a few weeks growing and growing strong.  The only thing you really need to give it is some water when you are transplanting it.  After it is established, you are good to go with a wonderful plant that will come back year after year after year after year. 

Transplanting and Propagating Bleeding Heart Dicentra at A Nest for All Seasons

You've seen the flowers right?  Literally bleeding hearts...

Transplanting and Propagating Bleeding Heart Dicentra at A Nest for All Seasons

So much beauty, so tough...what isn't to like?  By the way, this plant comes up in spring from the ground and looks like peonies.  The first time I saw one, I had no idea what it was and thought it might be a weird peony because the shoots looked similar.  A few weeks later, it was very clear I had a bleeding heart and a beautiful one at that!

So surprise your girl with a beautiful bleeding heart that will remind her of your love day after day after day why don't you??