Splurging and Impatience.

Sometimes, I just can't wait for planted roots and seeds to bloom.
Sometimes, I can't buy the plant with tight buds that will give longer blooms.
Sometimes I just need to buy the plant already in bloom.
already beautiful... instant gratification...

Although, if you read THIS POST on ranunculus, you would realize that I've been lusting over this very plant for years.  
So instant gratification delayed...until now...

...and later...more blooms will be coming in a few months...straight from my garden instead of the nursery.

What are you growing...or buying? 


alison said…
my poor gardens are looking very derelict lately...too cold to go out and weed, but warm enough that i need to...this rose is gorgeous...funny how every gardener has their favorite bloom...mine's pee gee hydrangea...and yes, they're planted and looking healthy.


Oh those are my favorite! Just perfect how symmetrical it is... gorgeous! May have to go pick some up:)
Medifast Coupon said…
What a beautiful shot, you have caught this flower in all its glory!
Andrea said…
Color me inspired. Just planted 15 bulbs of my own. Can NOT wait. ~ The Other A
Beau Neal said…
PLEASE tell me wherever did you find a ranunculus bulb this color? I have searched the net far and wide and can only find bright ones...
Amy Renea said…
ahhhh sorry Beau -- just a local nursery when I lived in lincoln, NE. If you are nearby, it is south of the mall on the right :)

Otherwise, check you local nurseries!? Sorry I don't have a national source :(



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