Dyeing Stuff. | the RED edition

Does anyone know the correct way of doing this?
...because I sure failed...

This is going to be a short post, because while I get wordy when I am successful, when I fail, I prefer to be quite brief.

I bought this purse hoping I could dye the stains away.
 It totally didn’t work.

I bought this dye with the intention of dyeing the stains away.
It totally didn’t work.   
However, I bought it 90% off at Ollies, so for 27 cents it wasn’t too much of a loss.

I filled my sink with (the recommended) hot water and a bit of red dye.
It didn’t dye the purse, but it sure did dye my sink!

Don’t worry, a few good soakings of dishwasher detergent and scrubbing by yours truly solved that little problem.

I let the purse sit for 30-60 minutes as recommended.
Perhaps it needed more time?
Anybody want a purse?

On the upside, I also threw these coffee filters into the dye and made some flowers which I like quite well.

Was it worth it?

No.    Cleaning the sink was NOT fun. 
Yes.  It only cost me 27 cents at Ollies.
No.    Cleaning the sink was NOT fun.
Yes.     I now know how to dye things.
No.    Cleaning the sink was NOT fun!


Reginia said…
Oh girl :( - Maybe you should dye it black?? Or change the fabric out completely?

I bought a black sink just for this reason!! While I love to dye things I despise scrubbing all the dye out of my old stainless sink. Now I have a black enamel cast iron one and it is super easy clean up!

Can't wait to see flowers!
oops! Maybe you should have used a bucket? :)
glad you thought to throw in the filters! Anxious to see those!
Sounded like a great idea? Is it me or is your sink GIANT?
Monica said…
Too funny...Been there done that and I agree, cleaning the sink is no fun!
The Nester said…
such a great post, and now you know how to dye!



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