Where is the ice princess?

She must be somewhere with everyone bowing down to her...

Even the flowers and leaves were encased in icy prisons...
...and you are going to have to bear with me and all the photos.  I was far too impressed with the ice, and kept snapping photo after photo.
These are a few of my favs...

the "bubbling" tree according to the boys...

...and there are no pictures of T because he got cold after a few minutes and hustled inside to play with "choo-choos" :)

I was proud of my big boy staying tough in the snow...we were outside for almost 45 minutes. 
I was also proud of my baby redbuds standing tall in the snow and ice...they look so sad don't they?

If any of you were concerned at all, the willow was standing tall by mid afternoon and there were no casualties, save the grass :)


Great photos but WOW!
I'm glad we don't have all that snow and ice here in the south. I'd be miserable looking at it!
Thanks Charlotte! It's not as bad as it looks here at least. I DO however wish I was living a little farther south at the moment :)
Love your blog and the pics are Beautiful, follower!
Angela I.



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