Gourmet Grits...when cheese doesn't help...

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond says it better than I...so you've got to get her book and read her hilarious description of how city folk and country folk differ in their definitions of grits.  If you are one of the poor souls who have never tried grits, I'm sorry.  You need to buck up and get to the store and buy some.  They are cheap and I think they are super yummy.

***I need to take a second and warn you that this recipe DID NOT work out very well.  Alex didn't like it because he didn't like the grits...I didn't like the cheese...I loved the grits part.  The boys didn't love it...well except for Hank...he shoveled it into his mouth.  Anyway...try this with some skepticism...I think I would love this recipe minus the eggs and cheese...just plain grits with a pat of butter and salt baked up crisp...YUM*** 

***Update #2...boys gobbled them up on day 2 for breakfast...??***

Grits come in two types...the quick kind (blue) and the slow kind (red).  The quick kind takes a minute in the microwave and the slow kind takes 12-14 minutes on the stove.  I don't notice a huge difference between the two.  For this recipe however, I used the old-fashioned "slow" grits.

First things first, you'll need some simple ingredients beyond the (2 cups) grits:

9 cups of water
some butter
some salt
some cheese
4 eggs

Difficult yes?  No.  So simple, you might as well be making rice, or a fritatta, or any of the other number of "stretcher" meals we moms have in our repertoire.  This is a fairly easy one and you can always add veggies or random flavors of cheese, herbs and spices to suit your needs.

Moving on...fill up a pan or pot with 9 cups of water.  It doesn't matter what you use, just make sure it is big enough to hold 11 cups (water and grits) and bubble a bit.  You also have to keep it stirring if you use a deep pot.

Put your burner on high and get the water boiling.  Dump in your 2 cups of grits.  Stir.  After it boils, turn it down to low to simmer (just like rice!).  Give it a stir every few minutes until it starts getting thick.

Add in some butter...as much or as little as you want...I chose to add about 3-4 T.  Lick your lips as it dissolves into the grits.  Add any other seasonings such as salt, herbs, bacon bits, yum yum yum....  Then add in handfuls of cheese....I used a mild white cheddar and goat cheese.  I used a total of 1 1/2 cups, but again, add more or less..whatever you prefer.  It's kind of like pizza...there are those who like extra cheese and there are those who like tiny amounts (I've never met those people...but I assume they are out there...)

Now comes the only difficult part.  You have to temper the eggs before adding them to the grits, so get them all whipped up, then take a little tiny bit of the hot grits mixture and add it to the eggs WHILE YOU KEEP STIRRING.  You do not want scrambled eggs friends!  Do this a few more times until the eggs are warm, then slowly poor the eggs into the grit pot while stirring quickly.  Turn the heat off.  Keep stirring.  Don't let those eggs scramble!
See how slowly those eggs are tipping?  Please go slow...please don't scramble your eggys...

Now comes the fun part...make sure you spray or grease an over safe dish.  Dump the entire grit, cheese and etc. mix into the pan slowly.  It will fly right out of the pan if you pour too quickly...it is still fairly "liquiddy" at this point.  If you didn't get enough cheese in, grate up a little more and add it to the top.
mmm..yummy white cheddar...and my new grater...there WILL be a post on my new amazing $4 grater...

I'm sorry....I didn't hear you squeal in delight at the look of that dish.  Perhaps you need a closer look...

I was so excited about this lovely looking dish...wish it had tasted as good as that cheese looked...

It's like a sea of deliciousness with cheese whitecaps breaking over the waves....
except it wasn't...more like trying to add cheese to fish...just too much...

...if you are looking for a recipe the kids DID like, check out the TORTILLA CHIPS!

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