Dior, Ice and Turnips???

There once was a girl, who lived near a store, that gave her great joy.  
It is called the Salvation Army.  ...and they have half price days.
...and rich people drop their stuff off.  ...and it seems like nobody but me wants any of this vintage stuff.  

So you see why it makes me happy, yes?  
This is the Dior tie I picked up for hubbers a few weeks ago...and the cool part?
...it was sold at Pogue's.  My family used to own a department store named Pogue's in Cincinnati.  Coincidence?

This store also brought me a new handbag for a few bucks.  See?

 go ahead....peek inside...

Do you see what I see?  Yup, it's French...and they sell for around $50-$250 on ebay...happiness...
please ignore the bad photography...it was one of those days...

I found this scarf there too...prettiness...

Then there is this lovely place in Middletown called the Saturday Market...anybody around here heard of it?

It's wonderful.

There are Amish boys that smile at you and sell you homemade salted caramels and vendors that speak no English sellings bags of like
50 pairs of  Spiderman socks for $5.  There is a book stall bigger than a 1/4 acre city plot.  I could go on.  and on.  and on.

There was a vendor going out of business this past Saturday and he was selling his wares for $1 a bag....I got this:
...and these...
...a whole lot more in my big backful...for a SINGLE DOLLAR...it was so much fun...

My favorite purchase of the day though was a little bit more expensive.
It was $4 for this vintage grater/grinder thingamajig.  ...but I've already used it at least 5 times this week, so I think it has proven its worth.
In fact, you'll get better aqauinted with this fellow when I show you how to make turnip chips.

See him over there?  He's staring you down sister...and that's a turnip in his rumpkin...

...and because we live in a world of balance, all this happiness must be tempered with a bit of sadness.  In my world, it looks like this...

There is NO WAY crocuses will pop their heads up from under all this in a few short weeks...no way is there?


You are such a bargain hunter for fabulous stuffs! I like the clear containers/carafes.
Fresh Mommy said…
What a score... you picked up so many great goodies. I just want to go shopping with you now! Pretty please ;)

Where do you live again?? I wonder if I'll be near you any time soon.

Anonymous said…
I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommend by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.
oh my goodness... Pogue's... talk about a flashback! gorgeous pics! and what a great day bargain shopping!!



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