Magnolias and Bricks and other trashy stuff...

I know that in the interest of getting and keeping blog followers, it is best to spread out posts a bit and keep them coming, but I am kind of on a roll.  So please forgive the frequency of the posts...I don't really want to wait and publish them later.   I have one baby at preschool, one sleeping and the other happily digging through the pantry (NO, it is not the same child that ate raw garlic powder this morning...he is banned from the pantry...)

Anyway, while taking the photos for this post,

I was reminded how much I adore this little star magnolia.  I've been blessed to have two of these trees in my life and I just love them.  How can you not?  These buds are like little furballs of joy :)

...and then I kept walking around the garden.  I haven't been out this week because it is SOOOO cold and windy, but I missed it and risked frostbitten fingers to go check out my baby trees.

Why are there crates in my yard? protect the babies...  There are 10 tiny redbud saplings under those crates that I am excited to see grow!  By the way, do you know you can get 10 free trees when you sign up with the National Arbor Day Foundation?  A membership is $10 and includes your new trees and other offers throughout the year.  They are located in Nebraska too!

I know that it looks kind of trashy at the moment, but the trees are planted in an allee that gets slightly closer together as you walk through it, so when the trees grow, the canopies will grow together and form a tunnel effect...I can't wait :)  I mean I must wait...about 5-7 years...but I digress...

Something I will only have to wait a few months for is the vegetable garden.  I put down the weedblocking fabric and bricked it all myself...I'm a bit proud of how many bricks I carted! 

This also looks pretty trashy at the moment, but just spring and summer, it will be bursting with veggies that I will...




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