Little Laundry Room Redo

It all started with this lovely wallpaper.  Yes, I hate wallpaper.  Yes, I am in love with THIS wallpaper.  I found it (of course) on clearance at Target several years ago.  I didn't have a spot or a plan for it, but I bought the three remaining rolls (along with a rug and green capiz curtains and a very large pillow).  It was back when they had a little boutique section to compete with Pier 1 and World Market.  Apparently it did not quite work because those little boutiques haven't been popping up again.  Anyway, I was the lucky recipient of very cheap wonderful pretty stuff and now I am finally able to use it!  Those 3 rolls were the perfect amount for the laundry room :)

there were a few scraps went on this corkboard...there will probably be more projects before too long... girlie pink rug that I never had a place's SO pink!  Yes...Target clearance...

A sign from the little store that used to be housed in the garage...
I did keep a few things like this wonderful detergent holding bucket, and a few odds and ends...but otherwise - goodBYE ugly floor and walls and icky rust everywhere...YUCK!

Total cost... $56
$20 for wallpaper
$25 for floor
$6 for rug
$5 for oops paint

of was all bought total cost to me today...$0 :)

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Farmer's Wyfe said…
Oh, how I LOVE your laundry room! I desperately want to do mine, and this was inspiring!!
Great redo at an affordable amount.
Edna said…
Nicely done! Love it's atmosphere, very inviting.



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