What to buy at Target...

Did anybody see THIS POST on Yahoo news this morning?  I just HAD to chime in :)  Target is one of my favorite places to be with three babies in tow and clearly the author was not a true Targerite because they missed some very important key Target YAYS!

1.  Most importantly, they did not emphasise the 75% off endcaps and those wonderful little red stickers that go down in price slowly...At 30%, items usually stay in place, at 50% they might move to the endcap, but at 75% off they are definitely there.  We go "clearancing" down the endcaps and bulk up on things we use all the time like pantry items, towels, kid's clothing and sometimes even clocks :)  (see HERE)

2.  The target brand diapers are the best quality for the lowest price.  I've used them all and have very poopy little boys... (see Yesterday's post)  Luvs don't seem to "hold" as much and seem stiffer and less comfy.  I use Pampers for N-2 because I LOVE the Swaddlers and it is worth the price, but for any other age, it is Target ALL the way.  They recently raised their prices about a dollar, but they are still the best buy/quality combo in my book.  Wait for sale days (they are $1.50 cheaper than normal) and stock up.  Sales tend to be every 2-3 weeks on diapers.

3.  Plastic wrap...NOBODY does it better than Target brand.  It is just a tiny bit not as sticky as GLAD, but about $1-2 cheaper depending on sales.  The plastic rips off wonderfully from the package and doesn't get tangled.  I like most of the Target brand cleaning supplies.  For name brand suppliers, I stick mainly to Tide for Laundry, Oxyclean truly does get the stains out better, and anything that has an *important* (sticks with you) scent can't be imitated well enough (Jergen's Almond lotion is NOT the same when in Target brand form, nor are the candles as good as Yankee).  Otherwise, anything Target brand is a great buy and better quality than other store brands.  I use their dishwashing detergent religiously.

4.  The clothing rocks my socks.  It has been mentioned before, but the clothing brands are fantastic.  the Liz Lange maternity wear KILLS Motherhood quality.  It goes on and on and on...but the best part...those fantastic clothes also go down to 75% off :)  If you haven't checked out the menswear and men's accessories on clearance, you are missing out for your hubby!  Men don't troll the clearances as much as women, so there are often great deals back there. 

5.  The dollar section has fun, seasonal toys that are cheap and breakable...but unlike the dollar store, they go to 75% off...which means...25 CENTS per toy.  I stock up on sale days and keep the toys hidden.  when the kiddos need some new fun or they break the exact same toy, a new one comes out of hiding.

6.  You can do the Target loop.  It takes as little as 7 minutes or as long as 2 hours.  The loop starts with stopping for cheap popcorn if the kids are behaving and letting them munch as we travel through the store.  Then check out the dollar section for clearances.  If there are none, keep moving or the kiddos will want cheapo breakable stuff.

Then the clothing is optional.  If you have happy children and the store is empty, they can hide in the racks, make faces in the mirrors, play color and number games pointing at shirts and YOU can find cheap clothing.  Then loop through lingerie looking for cute pjs and panties on sale, downt he endcap aisle of the shoes to look for clearances and then straight into baby land.  Often, we just waltz right through babyland, but sales on clothes can stop us.  The same baby games work here except they can also measure themselves on the height chart and the shoe chart and look at baby toys.

Finally, the true endcaps start.  There are 4 in a normal Target.  I start a half loop through the end of stationary and skip movies and cds.  They aren't usually on sale and there are much cheaper ways of buying entertainment than buying the cd or dvd.  I then go up through kitchen, loop around through housewares and finally TOYS!  This is the reward for good babies...they can go up and down the aisles and look at toys and usually they end up standing transfixed in front of the giant green dinosaur inside a plastic cage.

Finally, there is the food.  If I am in a hurry, I go down the back of the store and look for the clearance endcap picking up anything we use all the time whether it is 30, 50 or 75% off.  Groceries 30% off is usually a great price.  Then, I check the freezers.  Frozen food obviously can't be on an end cap (unless you are in a supertarget in which case there IS a frozen endcap), so it is often overlooked by less practiced Targerites.  Sometimes Target staff will put all the frozen clearance together, but often the clearances are sprinkled through the freezers.  I pick up anything we like on clearance.  I've saved bundles here.  Frozen veggies for 40 cents anyone?? Kids get to pick out their favorites "yogies" and find the milk.  This usually keeps them occupied long enough for me to browse the clearances.

If everyone is still hanging on, we'll go down the front aisle and look for the toiletries and bulk endcaps.  Sometimes there are great deals.  More often than not, there is nothing great here, so we'll skip it if the kids are melting. If there are great deals, swoop them up, they won't last long.

So dear yahoo, take that...Target is still the queen...:)

(Yes, I'm a bit obsessed, but I have saved bundles!)