Why my plants had to die...

....so I was recently reading a fellow blogger's post about moving and felt compelled to leave a very long comment.  I thought I'd share with y'all here and include some photos of the wonderfulness :)  To read her post first, visit HERE (By the way, she is always posting great deals as well, so check her out no matter what!)

So here is what I wrote: 
"We just recently moved too and I totally get the tiny bit of, yes, *grief* leaving a garden. I tried to bring as many things as possible…I carried little cuttings in pots in my car over a 4 day trip from Nebraska to Pennsylvania. (Please don't make me tell you about the cat using one as his personal toilet 30 miles from our destination...)  Needless to say, only a few things survived, but I do have a little reminder of our old home.

God taught me a lesson with this move though…You know the story of the little girl who has to give up her old dirty beaded necklace to her Daddy so he could give her the gift of a new pearl necklace? Well, once I gave up having a real garden in our rental (with a small deck and large cliff out the back), we purchased a home and it happened to come with some overgrown, but beautiful gardens. The gardens are ten-fold what I’ve ever had in the past and every plant I bought or wanted to buy or wanted to bring along is present. Under all the layers of weeds, there were hibiscus plants, peonies, lavender bushes (which ALWAYS die on me) 2 apple trees (I left behind fruit tree saplings that I had nurtured for a year), gorgeous hydrangeas (which I had been layering in our old home to create more plants), hosta, coneflower (which I’ve always wanted), a smokebush (which I had just read about in a magazine and wanted to try) and lambsear that is truly growing like a weed…I hope to make literal carpets of it! My heart is so full of plants!  (Check out photos of the lavender, apples and smokebush below!)

Hopefully you are a bit encouraged about what you will be given at the new place. I know how it is to labor over planting bulbs and then moving before you get a chance to move in the spring. I’ve done this twice now…I can’t wait to see what God has lying in wait under the soil this spring…Many surprises for you too I’m wagering…
I didn’t even realize the extent of the blessings before typing this comment up…amazing is our God…"

Here are some of the blessings...

Pennsylvania Perennial Garden Morning GLory on Trellis Grandpa OttPennsylvania Perennial Pink Rose and Purple Clematis Jackmanii
I've planted morning glories many times,but this surprise plant is now off the charts with purple flowers...It is gorgeous...and how about this view through the trellis covered in clematis and climbing rose.  In house #1, I planted 10 clematis roots.  I saw maybe 3 flowers...Now I have a humongous cluster of them.  In house #2, I planted roses and saw maybe 2 blooms.  This rose has bloomed twice since I've moved in!
Pennsylvania Perennial Garden with SmokebushPennsylvania Perennial Garden with Smokebush
I read about smokebush days before moving in.  I had no idea I'd inherit a mature one...and framing that view...yummy...Pennsylvania Perennial Garden with Sedum Matrona
I brought sedum along in those car pots...who knew it was so easy to grow?  ...and that it comes in PURPLE!  LOVE IT!

I can only dream about framing pathways as well as the previous owner did...and then there is the secret garden "shh...don't let them hear you coming"...a wiggle through the pine trees lands you in the imaginary home of our little guys.  The secret garden demands it's own post later...more to come...
Pennsylvania Perennial Garden Pennsylvania Perennial Garden Pennsylvania Perennial Garden
Pennsylvania Perennial Garden Pennsylvania Perennial Garden
lavender!  apples!  mint!  

Hi kitty! :)