What is 'A Nest for All Seasons???

What is 'A Nest for All Seasons'?  Well, initially you will notice 4 subjects around here -- Food, Photography, Decorating and Garden.  What you might not notice at first is how closely tied my posts are to the passing seasons.  I live seasonally, with windows open and doors flung wide even when they shouldn't be, teas made from whatever happens to be growing in the garden each night, fresh eggs for breakfast in the morning.  ...but the regular old seasonal seasons isn't all there is to it.  As a mom of 4, life can get dirty, smelly, loud and overwhelming.  There are other seasons of this life where everything is darn near perfect.  ...and I need to find grace and hope and humbleness in all of them.  

I use photography to tell stories on my site.  One of my favorite stories to tell is the whisper of the garden.  I know gardening is kind of passe, but I feel closest to God, closest to myself and calmer than ever when I am working or just resting in the garden.  It is my therapy, my creative outlet, my inspiration and I have embarked on a journey to convince all you girls that love Pottery Barn and adore babies, that gardening really is just the next step.

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