Fifteen Minutes on a Friday Afternoon

DIY Velvet Pumpkins at A Nest for All Seasons

A few old plastic pumpkins, some thrifted velvet pajamas, real pumpkin stalks all dried up and some hot glue on a Friday afternoon. That's the trick, you know!? REAL pumpkin stalks (or squash stalks) will always win against even those cheap Target Dollar Spot versions. In fact, if you want to buy them and then rip off the tops and replace them with the real things, more power to you!

Just gently work the stalks off before you go to roast your butternut squash or Jarrahdale blue, then let the stalks sit out for a day or two. Then wrap up some old plastic pumpkins from the bottom of the bin with velvet, secure them at a point on the top and hot glue the stalk on. Larger stalks will hide a multitude of hot glue mistakes.

A set of those overpriced velveteen pumpkins I have been coveting are now mine for a few dollars and fifteen minutes.
DIY Velvet Pumpkins at A Nest for All Seasons




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