Fall 2018 Reading List

Fall is the best season. No one can argue that fact this time of year. Time to cuddle up with coffee, a cat and a stack of books.

A Nest for All Seasons Fall Reading List by Amy R.K.

Without a doubt, Cabana Anthology has got to win most beautiful book of 2018. It is an absolutely gorgeous compilation of Cabana Magazine's best work. Showcasing everything from rural huts to cosmopolitan dwellings, Cabana explores the intimacy creative people share with buildings and their surroundings.

Cabana Anthology Review

 I adore interiors based around plant combinations:
Cabana Anthology Review

Could I live her?  Yes. Emphatically. Minimalism be gone from my life.
Cabana Anthology Review

The production values are just astonishing. Lovely paper stock that feels rich in your hands, interior stamping and lamination and a lush fabric cover make this an excellent textural fall experience and the perfect coffee table book year round to welcome guests.

Speaking of welcoming guests, I picked up Wabi Sabi Welcome by Artisan at the library this week based solely upon the beautiful fabric cover and exposed binding. There really is something to be said for excellent, creative book making, don't you think?

Wabi Sabi Welcome Book Review by Amy R.K.

While the term Wabi Sabi sounds a bit sing-songy and trite, the definition is actually quite engaging. In Japanese, "Wabi means something like simplicity, humility and and living in tune with nature; it describes someone who is content with little and makes the most of whatever he or she has, always moving toward having less.  Sabi, on the other hand, refers to what happens with the passage of time; it's about transience and the beauty and authenticity of age." (Page 18 - Julie Pointer Adams) Together, those two concepts create a way of being that is both present in simplicity and nature, but also honoring time. Esteeming age and the past with an understanding of how transient we are our things are. It is a lovely concept to roll around with and offers a more studied and complex approach to the minimalist lifestyle.

Next on my list is a reference book I asked for as a birthday gift this year. First, before introducing the book, I must introduce you to Montague. He hates the name Monty, but with a name like "Monty Don", it stuck.

The Complete Gardener by Monty Don Reviews by Amy R. K.

I first discovered Monty when Netflix put up a few episodes of a show called Big Dreams, Small Spaces. Of course, they only put up like 6 episodes, so once I was hooked, there was no place else to go for Monty Don!! GRRrrrrr. So, onto books I went. I have ordered several, but The Complete Gardener is a fantastic reference and is great for beginning gardeners. Also, dear Netflix, MORE MONTY PLEASE!

Another great read this month was Nora Murphy's Country House Style:
Nora Murphy's Country House Book Review by Amy R.K.

Nora Murphy's style is a formal, yet relaxed country living style. If Joanna Gaines, Ina Garten and Lauren Liess 
were to work together on a space, I would imagine it would look similar to Nora Murphy's rooms.

Nora Murphy's Country House Book Review by Amy R.K.

The book encompasses several different styles, touring different homes, 
from a country house to an English cottage country look to vintage farmhouse and historical country.

Nora Murphy's Country House Book Review by Amy R.K.

 If you are a fan of an edited, nature based country style, you will absolute find a kindred soul in the page of this book.

Nora Murphy's Country House Book Review by Amy R.K.

Last of the books is a serendipitous find for a dollar at a local book sale.

This is my leave-open book, meaning it sits in the art room and every few days, I flip the page to the next piece of art and quote from Bob Timberlake. There is a little bit of Bob Ross and a lot of Tasha Tudor in the musings - a wonderful way to start the day and a nice meditation throughout.

"Some beauty is to be found in every person, every object, and every scene. Even man's discarded trash, rusting, worn out, and seemingly good for nothing, can be seen as beautiful if looked upon in the right way. Bluets, tiny flowers scattered here and there-brighten even the loneliest corners of the land".

The book starts in Summer, then proceeds through the seasons; Fall, Winter and Spring.

There are several versions of The World of Bob Timberlake available on Amazon starting at around $7.  I am not sure whether the version I found is the "collectible" version or the plain old hardback, but it is a large book, published by Oxmoor House and Southern Living.

I have recently been attending the Garden Lecture Series at Ladew Gardens, and am sad to miss an upcoming lecture on Bunny Mellon.  Now, if I am being honest, I often confuse Bunny Williams with Bunny Mellon, as they are both fantastic garden designers. However, The Gardens of Bunny Mellon by Linda Jane Holden and Photographs by Roger Foley was a great read that really solidified Mellon's historic impact in American Garden Design for me.

The Gardens of Bunny Mellon Book Review

The Kennedy Garden at the White House, JFK's grave site in Arlington, the Mellon Family Gardens in New York, Cape Cod, Nantucket and Antiqua, along with two beautiful gardens in France are highlighted. This is the first book to focus on all of the private and public gardens that Mellon designed. I must say that my hands down favorite was Oak Spring in Virginia. There is a relaxed, yet formal vibe in this garden that is magical, enchanting and inviting. Page after page is devoted to Oak Spring and each page has layers of inspiring design. Take this:

The Gardens of Bunny Mellon Book Review

No, that is not the main entry. Just the greenhouse. Just the greenhouse. Gorgeous Trompe l'oiel murals by artist Fernand Renard cover the entire working space, with cabinets opening to reveal gardening tools and supplies. What is most inspiring to me, however, is Mellon's personal history. Although she had no formal training, she amassed a vast horticulture library and read voraciously. Self-educated, she worked hard and prolifically to become an icon.

Fun fact: She enjoyed a warm friendship with courtier Hubert de Givenchy, who designed much of her wardrobe, from her gowns to her gardening hats and smocks! He shared her love of garden, and together they designed the formal and kitchen gardens at his Chateau du Jonchet in the French countryside. They also oversaw the restoration of the Potager du Roi at Versailles.

If you are interested in the Ladew Lecture Series, I believe there are still available slots!

Now, last but not least, the Urine Therapy. Did you read down to the bottom just to find out whether I had been imbibing or not? Well, fear not, I have not. However, there is a fantastic podcast about urine therapy that you absolutely must listen to. (Beware: There is some language and some disgusting descriptions!) . OH NO! Here is to a Happy Fall Season to You!  Happy Reading and Listening!


Sarah said…
I love Monty Don too! You can catch some of his shows on Youtube, but the BBC has been reporting them. I've been watching the new season of Gardeners World on Dailymotion.com. I can't get enough of him!
Amy R. K. said…
Isn't he the best?? I really wish more BBC stuff would be carried on Netflix/Hulu. I love it!



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