Winter Reading List 2018

A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018

Winter is absolutely the season for reading and our family has been doing a lot of it. I had to shut down the library checkouts when we hit 100+ items checked out and institute a "WE MUST RETURN EVERYTHING" before we get anything else to read! Here are a few of my recent favorite reads:

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A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018
I know, I know...Hygge is overdone and trend fodder. 
I still love it.
In fact, before I knew of the name, I knew of the instinct.

To warm, to cuddle, to glow, to usher in peace?

Next on my list are the Moosewood Cookbooks. There are many, but I started with these two. If I were to pick just one, I would recommend the "Daily Special". These are older books and available at a reasonable price used, but I have found them to be very valuable indead. The Daily Special at the famed Moosewood Restaurant consists of a hearty soup, complimentary salad and hunk of bread. Now THAT is Hygge, don't you think?? 

A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018

Whether you follow the recipes to the "t" or not, I have found that the books are inspirational for thinking in a hearty, vegetarian way. Thick soups, chunky salads and warm, nourishing breads are not the typical rabbit food I think of when I think of vegetarian meals and these books have really helped me break out of that mode of thinking.

...and there are more...

While I was at the library a few weeks ago, I saw this little book for sale in the children's section. It is meant for young girls, but I think the everyday pioneer skills are a challenge for adults and kids alike. It is easy to read and difficult to implement into modern life - a gem and an inspiration:

A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018

Speaking of homesteading, my friend Lisa Steele has written yet another book! This one is for kids and focuses on how a chick develops and is born to a mama hen. I found the details of the chick's development to be absolutely amazing. Things are broken down into DAYS of development (a chick only takes three weeks to hatch!) and it is astounding how quickly a chick is formed. On day one, DAY ONE! the brain and digestive system forms and grows. Day two the eyes begin to form and the HEART STARTS BEATING. That is absolutely miraculous! By day 4, we are talking legs, toes and tail. If you are incubating chickens, allowing a hen to hatch or simply learning about animals, this book is an excellent reference.

A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018
YES< of course that is a seed catalog under there -- what do you think I read in the bathtub?!

I have been trying to convince my children to read books a bit more substantial than Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Calvin & Hobbs. So far, no luck. I have tried leaving books out, slipping them into their reading boxes and even bribing them to find details in books for actual money. No luck. Anything mom likes is simply NOT COOL. I found this fantastic book titled YORK, and it is a fantastic little kid's mystery thriller, complete with adventure, relatable kids and a super fun puzzle to solve. Not a boy would pick it up :/ Ah well, at least they are reading a lot?? In any case, I liked York!

The Embroidered Garden and The Naturalist's Notebook are my two Amazon splurges for myself this winter. I stumbled upon a chance find of embroidery thread at a thrift store ($5 for a whole bin of it, separated by color!) and wanted something botanical, yet modern. The Embroidered Garden fits the bill! The Naturalist's Notebook is a workbook type of journal with instruction and enlightenment in between. You are enlisted to take note of your environment, noticing the creatures, critters and plants that arrive each season and depart in the next. I do this in my own garden journal, but wanted a more sophisticated reference of our property and the live things that inhabit it year in and year out.

A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018

Another gardening friend and expert in the field, Shawna Coronado, has written another book as well! This one is titled The Wellness Garden and draws on Shawna's experience dealing with debilitating illness and using the garden to help her through, both as physical therapy and healthy eating.
A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018
One of the most beneficial parts of the book are these plentiful nutritional charts throughout:
A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018
...and of COURSE there are beautiful gardens to peruse!

A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018
If you are struggling with illness, pain, health issues or simply want to have a more healthful experience with your garden, I cannot recommend Shawna enough! She knows her stuff!

I am certain more books will catch my fancy as we load up the library cart time and time again, but here is my current pile to read:

A Nest for All Seasons Winter Reading List 2018

Happy Reading!

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Thanks so very much for including my book on your post - so appreciated!!!!


Shawna Coronado
Thank you for including my book. And for giving me some ideas for winter reading myself!
Amy in PA said…
You are both welcome~~!! It is always a pleasure to support fellow gardeners and writers!! I wish much success to you both on your new books :)