When Espresso Cake Explodes out of the Mug -- I Rejoice.

So this go around with Envolve had me setting up shop in the kitchen, but NOT turning the oven on (saving energy you know!).  
So how did I get delicious cake without the oven?

It all started here...

Recipes for Chocolate Espresso Cake in a Mug...and tortilla soup...and more...

Dig a little further and BADABANG.

Let's get crackin'...

No really. 
I simply dumped the pre-measured dry ingredients into a mug...

Added my oil, milk and vanilla (there are precise measurements on the recipe, but by my third time 
around making these, I just used a "splash" of each and the recipe turned out each time!)

Mix it all up really well and your mix should fill only up to about the halfway point on your mug.

Now pre-heat the oven...


DO NOT pre-heat the oven.

Save all that energy and pop your single serving mug of chocolate goodness into the MICROWAVE.

Heat for 90 seconds (no more -- no less)!

...and do not be alarmed when the cake starts to go up and OUT of the mug! 
 It shrinks back down immediately once you open the microwave door 
(this was as fast as I could grab a pic as the cake was sinking...it was actually higher than this!)

Add ice cream and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Just a note:  The cake DOES sink back into the mug, but leaves little drips down the side.  
I totally didn't care, but you might, so perhaps use a larger mug than standard sized for this recipe!
In any case...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

To package your gifts in a jar, simply measure out the ingredients in plastic baggies (recipes on the bottom of post)
add cooking directions on a little tag and pretty them up with cellophane and ribbon!

Want the free printable recipes for 5 different gifts in a jar?

Have at it folks!

Now who do you know that wouldn't enjoy a hot cup of soup or fresh from the microwave cake?

Give the gift of yum yums and save your friends energy in the process -- WIN WIN!

Thanks PPL Electric Utilities!

This post is brought to you by the PPL Envolve Project. Products were supplied for this post and this content would not have been possible without them. All opinions, photographs and copy are my own.


Natalie said…
You crack me up... "the third time I made this"!! I'm officially putting "with ice cream" on my list for when I make this! Great pictures!
Lauren Lanker said…
So, pretty much this is heaven in a mug. Pretty much. And I agree with Natalie; your photography is stunning. I need to take some lessons from you, lady. Have a wonderful weekend, Amy!



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