Taste Testing Frozen Vs. Fresh Squash and Ginger

SO. You've heard enough about squash and pumpkin and ginger from me the past few days to last you a lifetime. I ask you to read one more post. Then go make some soup. Then eat it and love it.  One warning...DON'T USE THE FAKE STUFF!

Remember that oven shot?  Yeah...those were all different techniques and finished with different amount of ginger, fresh vs powdered, etc. etc.  I was going to write a big long post on the advantages of both, but it all boils down to one thing.

The soup that I made from frozen squash and powdered ginger?  The chickens ate it.  I did not.  It was THAT BAD.  It gives squash and ginger a bad name.  So please please use my shortcut on the squash, and if you are desperate go ahead and use frozen squash (no don't really...it won't be as good), but please please please know there is NO substitution for that roasted fresh ginger.  I know it is a pain to peel, but it totally makes the dish.  Promise.

The following photos are the stocks and broths that I tested...

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