The Municipal Market of Valladolid

So the entire time we were in Cancun, I was just dying to go shopping.  Not tourist real shopping. a market...with authentic stuff...Mexicans selling spices and fruit and beans and stuff, not cheap little toys made in China.  I probably collected more little shells than I needed because I really, really, really had the shopping bug.

So when we arrived in Valladolid, the first thing Alex did (sweet thang that he is) is find an authentic market.  the real deal.  The place where the Mexicans actually shop.  I was in bliss.  We actually ended up going a few more times.  It was just this lovely bustling market full of amazing things to look at and touch and smell and not a single person spoke a lick of English.  It was glorious.

The Municipal Market of Valladolid #Market #Mexico #Travel #Budget

What I did NOT appreciate so much was the meat market. I know I should have expected it, but somehow we were taken off guard. This photo is of the meat market after it had closed up shop for the day.

It is surprisingly clean.  I couldn't bring myself to take a photo of the market during the day because I couldn't stomach the smell.  ...or the sights....

See those hooks?  On those hooks swing chickens, a cows and pigs and goodness knows what else.  There are several aisles for each kind of meat, hanging out in the heat with flies on them, blood flying, hearts and livers laid open on that white tile surface.  It is amazing.  It is totally gruesome.  So wave hello to that butcher there in the photo an d thank your stars that I took a photo of the clean market...

The Municipal Market of Valladolid #Market #Mexico #Travel #Budget

I knew what a lot of the things were in the market, but these flowers were new to me.  They kind of looked like chive blossoms, but I wasn't sure - anybody know?  (I know the photo is overexposed...I was trying to snap quick and not make people uncomfy...thus settings are wonky...)

The Municipal Market of Valladolid #Market #Mexico #Travel #Budget

One of my favorite things from the market are these pretty little bowls and the dried hibiscus flowers I found in bulk.  They smell amazing and make the loveliest tea and I hope the women in my fam think so as well because they will be getting them! :)

The Municipal Market of Valladolid #Market #Mexico #Travel #Budget

SO.  Moral of this story?  Ask for the MUNICIPAL Market in the little Mexican towns...they are so amazingly fun and SO much better than the "artisan" markets and other touristy locales.  I promise...just ignore the hanging meat...

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Elisa said…
The flowers are globe amaranth. Gomphrena globosa. Some amaranth seeds are edible and contain large amounts of protein (proportionately). Some flowers can be used for tea. Attracts butterflies.
Andrea said…
I smiled at your post. We call those flowers as bachelors' button or Gomphrena globosa. I also love the colorful beans, I wonder if they are for making desserts or what kind of cooking they do to them. You said the dried flowers are hibiscus for tea, so why is there scent, fresh hibiscus dont have scents, as far as i know! But the colors are beautiful.
Amy Renea said…
Bachelor's buttons - now I know!! Thanks Elisa and Andrea! I think the beans were for savory prep, but I am not positive? They were pretty though!

As far as the hibiscus, they definitely had a scent and I've ordered more off amazon that also have a scent -- though it is slight :) Perfect for making tea!



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