CHEAT SEWING with your Singer | Do you do it?

So yesterday, I showed you the little bias tape bracelet I made from my thrifted skirt.
That was only the beginning...but first I have a confession...and a question...

Do you cheat sew?  
I have to admit I do... 

Sure, I can sew a button back on a shirt...
Sure I can hem a basic curtain panel...
Sure I can piece together crafts with a sewing machine...
...but sew and fit an article of clothing out of a blank canvas of fabric...that looks GOOD?  Nope...can't do it...

Stella & Dot Sale
So I cheat sew!  I use articles of clothing that already have seams and detailing and repurpose them into cute new items that look fabulous (because the bulk of the sewing is done by someone far more talented than me!  First  up, the dickie...I know, I know - the name is awful, but it is a great concept.  Do you know what a dickie is?  It is simple really.  A dickie is a piece of fabric worn near or around the neck that looks like a full layered garment.  The great part is that you don't have to deal with an extra layer of fabric, a whole extra shirt under your sweater or coat.   Traditionally they are turtlenecks, but dickies come in a wide array of styles, and I decided to make mine a scarf-like dickie using the wide bottom hem of the skirt.  

The next project is perhaps my favorite of the whole bunch. HOLD YOUR HORSES BECAUSE IF YOU SNEEZE YOU WILL MISS THE "PATTERN".  It is so simple.  This little clutch is made with two simple seams on the bottom and one side.  I utilized the pleating from the front of the skirt, the rolled top hem and one side seam that were already present in the thrifted skirt.  That is why it is cheating folks -- no patterns needed!

Do you see that top hem?  Isn't it professional looking?  I WISH I could sew that well, but until then...I'll be happy cheat sewing :)

Are you inspired to break out that Singer or Janome for some cheat sewing?
CLick HERE to take a sneak peek of some more cheat sew projects!!

Want more?  Check out the index by scrolling down further -- simply click on each project name to visit the whole post or tutorial!
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So spill the beans - do YOU cheat sew?

Coming tomorrow?  This eyeglass case!!

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Unknown said…
Hi Amy, I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am also one the OMTWI Season 6 contestants. I am so excited to get rolling and just know that we are all going have a fabulous time. I cannot wait to see what all is created this round. GOOD LUCK!!
Unknown said…
oh my funny. I do 'cheat sew' all the time! LOL I love your little clutch you it
Alison Agnew said…
i cheat
like nobody's business

you and i
should form a club
of sort-of-but-not-very-accomplished-sewers

except that sew-ers
looks like 'sewers'
and not very many people would want to join that

but the dickie
and the clutch?


Lisa Weidknecht said…
I can't sew worth a darn. I even have a great sewing machine and it doesn't make up for my lack of sewing skill. LOL.
Patti said…
I was cheat sewing before recycling was popular. Many of my dayghter's special occasion dresses were made from my younger sister's old prom dresses. I'd use the existing hems, often with beautiful lace trims for the hem of the new dress and go from there. BTW.... My daughter is now 35 years old - I was making these dresses for her 30 years ago!
Liz said…
I also do that. I made a bag from a zippered robe (so I wouldn't have to sew in a zipper! I've used sleeves as pockets. And find great thrift buys, and love XL to XXL stuff (lots of very cheap material). Already preshrunk, usually pretty buttons & closures. I especially like things which have inset patterns already in them.
ARK said…
We are like-minded souls Liz!!
Jessica said…
I'm a stay at home mom, sewing had been one of my hobbies I never expected that I will fall in love with haberdashery stuffs.



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