The Jar Project

Do you ever feel like all of the little projects you are doing are really pointless? The spray paint and thread starts to seem like a chore instead of a joy?  Your motivation just goes bone dry?  Well of course you do, everyone does. 

I work in phases (like a child...).  When I get on a photography kick, I take countless numbers of photos, countless numbers of hours editing, you know the drill.  When I get on a blogging kick, I have to store up posts in the queue so I don't hit readers with 6 in a day, for 6 days straight.  When I get on a painting kick, I ruin every single pair of yoga pants I own with paint splatter because I run out to paint first thing before bed and every hour thereafter.  When I get baking, I run out of butter.  When I get gardening, my fingernails are never clean.  Are you like this?

Once in a long while, the crazy phases, the wearing myself out on a craft before I move on to the next and back again makes me tired.  So I take a break.   ...and while I'm taking a break, it never fails...I start thinking.    I start to get inspired and the cycle begins again.

I could say I wish the roller coaster would stop and I want to get off, but the truth is, I like the ride.  No matter how tired I make myself, it is better than the boredom of doing nothing.

So during this break, I noticed the amount of jars collecting in my cabinet and was inspired by THIS JAR PROJECT  (and if you search, you'll find plenty of other jar projects around the country.)  My project was simple...put something beautiful in a jar and send it out into the world with a message of hope, a reminder of God's presence.  I don't know who will find them or what words they need to hear, but the hope is God using these silly little jars to bring strangers a little joy...a little hope.
Can you see what is in there?

I put a few rolled flowers, a few paper flowers, a few notes and a few photos in the jars....

...and I took them along with me on a drive to Ohio to drop the babies off at their grandparent's house for their own vacation.

The jars were dropped off pretty much everywhere...with McDonald's getting the lion's share at various Pennsylvania and Ohio locations.

I figured moms changing poopy diapers are most in need of a bit of beauty, right??
More jars were dropped in libraries, in gardens and a few made the trip a few days later to DC.  

Does anyone recognize this location in DC???

This little project is over, but only because I ran out of jars.  
As soon as I get more recyclables, I can't wait to get going on more. :)
What do YOU do when your inspiration goes dry?

oh...and if you are visiting this blog because you found a jar, please let me know your story!!


meg said…
AMY! i LOVE this idea!!!!!!!! so great! thanks for sharing :)
Chas said…
Fabulous idea...I would love to feature it on my blog!
jess said…
a) those jars are SO PRETTY! GREAT idea! How long are the boys on vacation?!? Does this mean you're alone??
b) i love the cycles of different things...i just wish i didn't burn out before i completely a project! ;-)
Kirsty Hall said…
Lovely jars, Amy, do you mind if I mention them on the 365 Jars blog?
Please do Kirsty...

Kess...I totally agree...the burnout bums me out :(

Thanks Chas and Meg!
Gillian said…
I love this ~ terribly sweet, and inspiring, too!

On the topic of satiating yourself creatively, and jumping from one talent to the next... I'm much the same! In fact, my husband doesn't understand how I can be intrinsically interested in so many creative outlets/expressions?

I realize "balance" just isn't something I'm good at, so I go with it! Six days here, and six days there...

Newly following through the Fab Friends Thursday Blog Hop!

Baby Talk without the Babble
this is a great project. now I know what to do with the jars i'm keeping all this time.
Sarah Lynne said…
I am a new follower from Take Three Tuesday!! Have a great day!!

Diamonds said…

I'm participating in the Thursday blog hop and decided to drop by. I like your jar project. I've never seen it before. Anyway, I hope your day is going well.
Marisa said…
What a sweet idea! Love it. I may do something similar, if I can figure out what to put in the jars.

Gorgeous photos, too.
Anonymous said…
I love the idea but I'd have concerns about leaving anon. bottles in public places. These days a 'suspicious' looking bottle might cause a problem. I'm just not sure I see it as a good approach.
Michele said…
Amy, I found one of your jars at the Hershey Library in Hershey Pennsylvania. I was just wondering about the library looking for anything that might help me with my research project for the English Composition II class. When I found the jar I thought to myself how odd that someone would just leave a jar here I wonder if someone lost it. So, I picked it up and opened the jar noticing the scroll of paper within and I read it and of course it made me smile. I thought about how nice it was to find after all the bad things that have been happening around me. My friend Seth was diagnosed with liver cancer, I have to get tested for cancer in three months, my boyfriend and I just split, and my friends mother passed away from breast cancer. It really made my day to find this little jar of hope in my favorite spot to get away from the world.

Michele -

I hope you check back...I couldn't find an email address for you, but I am SO GLAD that you found the jar and it brought you encouragement!! I am so glad the project is working!! this is what it is all about!
Amanda Joy said…
This is amazing! I need to do something like this soon. I should have done something like this over the last two months, to help all us Utahns get out of the snow doldrums.

Thanks so much for joining the Mingle with Us Blog Hop,

I look forward to following each others blogs
Lexie Lane said…
I've never seen anything like this! This is really creative and such a great idea!

Please come share it with our group of wonderful women (and men) at They love to connect and see all the truly interesting sites out there and yours is definitely interesting.

Please come connect with us and if you have a chance, please come join our blog hop with Hopper Strategized.

Hope to see you there!

Lexie Lane
Cindy Mitlo said…
Oops! I pinned a photo on my Pinterest board "Recycled Crafts," where I am collecting ideas for an afterschool class I am teaching. Hope that was okay! I thought this would be fun to do with my students. We could leave them around the school and grounds. Thanks. -- Cindy



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