Welcome to PARTY on a PENNY week! 
 I hope you are here to share YOUR secrets for a great party!

Here are the "rules" --

Please link up anything party related -- cheap party games, cupcake recipes, free printables, etc.
Please DON'T link up things that have nothing to do with a PARTY!

It isn't required, but I would appreciate it if you used the PARTY on a PENNY button in your post
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Visit at least 2 people ahead of you or behind you to get the most out of the party.
People LOVE when you come and say Hello at a party!! 


I'm also going to ask you to also link up OTHER people's posts! (I know--crazy right!) Did you stumble upon a great resource when planning a party last summer? Link it up! Did you find the BEST chocolate cake recipe for your 3 year old's party? Link it up! You know who I am going to link up? 2 blogger friends that throw the BEST parties and have the BEST decorations:


They are both SO good and definitely my party planning HEROS.  Amazing work and they put my efforts to shame!!

OK y'all - let's get going! SHARE-SHARE-SHARE!

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FRIDAY - YOUR party ideas -- link them up!


Thanks for hosting! I linked up my boys' Despicable Three birthday party, and I pinned this post! :)
Thanks for hosting Amy! I'm still having flickr pic issues- apparently their new code won't allow private images to show up on Linky Tools either. UGH! So frustrating. I redid another photo, and I'm off to edit my pictures again.

If you're able to delete the one that didn't show up that would be great. I don't see a way to delete it on my end.
got it Beth ;) <3

Mandy - - thanks!!! Totally loving those twinkies :)
I just linked up!!

Thanks for hosting!! Such cute parties on here!!

I've pinned this post :)