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The Way I Like Forsythia

This late blooming spring has got me thinking about one of the most popular harbingers of warmer weather.  Some hate forsythia for its gaudy yellow blooms, but I must say I am a fan.  Well, I take that back.  I am a half fan of forsythia.  When it is shaved like a 50's basketball forward's crew cut -- well that is plain ugly.  The little blooms struggle when pruned in fall and the look ends up being a half-hearted yellow, polka dot bikini on the hedge next to the sidewalk.  Ugly.  Don't do it.

Then there are the forsythia plants that are tortured into perfectly round balls.  Those aren't pretty either.    You see, forsythia is a showy plant.  She likes to wave her arms, chock full of blossoms and great spring like a long lost friend from long ago.  She wants to grow big and blousy and taming her just makes a mess of everything.  If you are planting a forsythia, give her room to grow and expect her to be bodacious   If you choose to heavily prune a forsythia, you might…

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